Meiji period

The Meiji period, also known as the Meiji era, is a Japanese era which extended from September 1868 through July 1912.

Lift Me

One more song for when we master those pesky barre chords. Soon, my precious, soon...

Mercury Seven

Mercury Seven was the group of seven astronauts selected by NASA for the first American space flights.

Def Leppard

Def Leppard is an English rock band.

Cormorant fishing

Cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method in which fishermen use trained cormorants to fish in rivers.It is the falcon hunting of the deep, if you will.

Crash Test Dummies

The Crash Test Dummies are a Canadian folk rock band widely known for their 1993 single "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm".

And since the song is well known, let's listen to the parody (which I'm sad to say, I've never heard before).

Le Dejeuner Sur l'Herbe

Le dejeuner sur l'herbe is a large oil on canvas painting by Edouard Manet.

Happy March 8th, Ladies

In keeping with a very old tradition, here it is: Chippendales in South Africa. Ladies, you're welcome. Gentlemen, take notes.

Landing Ship, Tank

Landing Ship, Tank (LST) was the military designation for naval vessels created during World War II to support amphibious operations.

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Arigato is the third studio album by Japanese singer-songwriter Miyuki Nakajima, released in June 1977.

The Nellaiappar Temple

The Nellaiappar Temple is one of the famous Shiva Temples situated at the heart of Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India.

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Ronald Jenkees

Ronald Jenkees is an American composer and musician, best known for his YouTube keyboard performances.

Playing the Guitar: Three Months Recap (XII)

Q: So. What do I do, next?
A: Whatever you want, basically.

Q: Ha, ha, very funny!
A: I thought so. Well, OK. I'd say you should keep doing what you're doing: rehearse the strumming patterns (using the oldies progression chords, both G-Em-C-D AND C-Am-F-G), rehearse the oldies songs that you know, and keep practicing the open chords you already know, including the 7 Chords. And check out new songs and maybe try them on.

Q: Do you have any favorite ones?
A: Sure. Love is in the air, Just a gigolo, Jingle Bells, Cuando calienta il sol. And from the oldies, my favorites are Poor little fool, by Ricky Nelson, and Stay, by Maurice and The Zodiacs.

Q: Nice. What about you? What are you gonna do?
A: Me? I'm gonna start working on those pesky barre chords. Even if I know they're a bit more than I can handle, right now, I'll work on them, anyway.

Q: And?
A: And... I'm gonna start more technical stuff.

Q: Like what?
A: Like moving from chords to individual notes.

Q: Right. I almost forgot about those.
A: Me too. Me too.

Elephant Kashimashi

Elephant Kashimashi is a rock band from Japan.

Playing the Guitar: Three Months Recap (XI)

Q: So I've been playing the guitar for two months now.
A: Good for you.

Q: Thanks. So. What do I do next?
A: Well, it depends, I guess.

Q: Depends on what?
A: It depends on what you've learned, in these two months.

Q: I've learned the open chords, the strumming patterns you've shown me, and the oldies progression songs you told me about.
A: Excellent. And? Had any problems?

Q: Well, yeah, I had a few.
A: Like what?

Q: I had problems figuring out the rhythm for some of the songs. And the strumming, too...
A: Yeah, that could be a problem.

Q: ... and there are these chords you said nothing about.
A: Huh? What chords?

Q: The 7 chords.
A: Ah, those chords. So you stumbled upon them.

Q: Yes.
A: And? What do you think?

Q: They're weird!
A: Well, yeah, ha ha, you could say that, I guess.

Q: And there is a whole bunch of them!
A: Yeah, that too.

Q: I don't think I can learn them all at once.
A: But that's the beauty of it. You don't have to!

Q: Huh?
A: Yeah. You just learn them as you discover them. You just learn them as you go along.

Q: What do you mean?
A: Well, I don't know if you've noticed, but most oldies songs have only one 7 chord in them. A G7, an E7, a B7, whatever. So it is easy to learn them one at the time, as you try new songs.

- "Tears on my pillow", for example, has only a G7 in it.
- "Stay", by Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs, has only a B7 in it. And so on. See? You just learn them as you go!

Q: Aha, I see.
A: Peace of cake. Wink. There are also songs that have a whole bunch of 7 chords in them, but, well, if you leave those songs for a little later, maybe you'll be used to them by then.

Q: What songs?
A: Songs like "Jingle Bells". Or "Just a Gigolo".

Have You Seen Her

"Have You Seen Her" is a song recorded by the soul vocal group, The Chi-Lites, and released on Brunswick Records in 1971.

King George's War

King George's War (1744–1748) is the name given to the operations in North America that were part of the War of the Austrian Succession.

Ma Iubeste Femeile

Let's try something different today. It is a 3/4 rhythm, a waltz rhythm. 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3 and so on. The strumming can be anything, as long as it makes sense and it keeps the pace: Down-Up-Up, Down-Down-Up, first Down on the big fat E and then the other two Downs on the thinner strings, whatever.

If you don't speak Romanian, I'm sure there are other great waltz rhythm songs out there, even thought they probably are not as brilliant as this one.


Autobahn is the fourth studio album by German electronic band Kraftwerk, released in November 1974.

The Battle of Vienna

The Battle of Vienna took place on 11 and 12 September 1683 after Vienna had been besieged by the Ottoman Empire for two months.

Lo Hare Por Ti

I think I'm in love.

Excuse Me Mr.

"Excuse Me Mr." is the fourth single by rock band No Doubt from the album Tragic Kingdom.

Saboteur II: Avenging Angel

Saboteur II: Avenging Angel is a video game created by Clive Townsend and released by Durell Software in 1987 for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64 platforms.

Ah, the memories, the memories... The endless hours of crawling through tunnels. The endless hours of throwing ninja stars, kicks and punches. Those where the days.

Dancing in the Dark

One more song for when we graduate to those barre chords (and for when our voice gets higher, but that's another story).

This is how Bruce Springsteen does it.

And this is how to do it.

BM-27 Uragan

The BM-27 Uragan is a self-propelled multiple rocket launcher system designed in the Soviet Union.


Odin is a major god in Norse mythology and the ruler of Asgard.

Time Machines

Time Machines is a landmark drone music album. It consists of four tracks which are composed of a single tone, called a drone, each tone representing a certain hallucinogenic chemical .

WARNING: This music may have hallucinogenic effects.