About Us

   "My God, it's full of cookies!"

   Now that's what we call an ending. Don't get me wrong, "My God, it's full of stars"... is also tremendous but, when you think about it, what would you rather have? A jar full of stars, or a jar full of cookies? Because, you see, stars may be great and everything, but they are way too big, way too hot and probably smell like lava! Besides, everyone knows that the most powerful force in the universe is the cookie...

   On that note, let us welcome you to our site. It is meant to be informative, funny and pretty (mostly). We hope you enjoy your time here and maybe do come again.

   If need be, you can contact us at jtwcosmos@gmail.com. (See? We told you. It's all about the cookies!)

   Or follow us on twitter. We don't byte. (Unless you are a cookie, that is).

   Or add us to your RSS reader.

   Or something.

   Best wishes,
   Random Bits of Pie.

Hand in the cookie jar

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