The Coronation of the King of France

   The accession of the King of France was legitimated by the coronation ceremony performed with the Crown of Charlemagne at Notre-Dame de Reims.

The Battle of Hong Kong

   The Battle of Hong Kong took place during the Pacific campaign of World War II.


The Standing Liberty Quarter

   The Standing Liberty quarter was a 25-cent coin struck by the United States Mint from 1916 to 1930.


Time Passages

   Time Passages is the eighth studio album by Al Stewart, released in 1978.

And a brilliant cover.

Therese Schwartze

   Therese Schwartze was a Dutch portrait painter.


The Kirov Class Battlecruiser

   The Kirov-class battlecruiser is a class of nuclear-powered military ships of the Russian Navy, the largest and heaviest surface combatant warships currently in active operation in the world.

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Irna Phillips

   Irna Phillips was the inventor of the soap opera.

Waiting for Cousteau

   Waiting for Cousteau is the seventh overall studio album by Jean Michel Jarre.

Serafeddin Sabuncuoglu

   Sabuncuoglu Serafeddin was the author of the first illustrated surgical atlas and the last major medical encyclopedia from the Islamic world.

Strategy and Tactics of Guerrilla Warfare

   Strategy and tactics of guerrilla warfare tend to focus around the use of a small, mobile force competing against a large, unwieldy one.

Alfred Stieglitz

   Alfred Stieglitz was an American photographer and modern art promoter who was instrumental over his fifty-year career in making photography an accepted art form.

Promoter of photography as an Art

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   Esperanza is the eighth studio album by the German musician Michael Rother.

Dante and Beatrice

   Dante and Beatrice is a painting by Henry Holiday.

List of Battles Involving War Elephants

   The list of battles involving war elephants. If you are so inclined.

Mountain Men

   Mountain Men were trappers and explorers who roamed the North American Rocky Mountains.


   Anthology is the first compilation album by American rhythm and blues group The Miracles.

The Finnish Civil War

   The Finnish Civil War was a part of the national, political and social turmoil caused by World War I in Europe.

Walther Jervolino

   Walther Jervolino was an Italian painter and artist known mainly for his Surrealist works.

Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8

   The Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8 was a British two-seat biplane reconnaissance and bomber aircraft of the First World War.

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All 'n All

   All 'N All is the eighth studio album by the American band Earth, Wind & Fire, released in 1977.

For a Successful Halloween

   Eat a pealed, uncut and in no way sliced or otherwise partitioned beetroot.

List of Female Scientists Before the 21st Century

   The list of female scientists before the 21st century. If you are so inclined.

(Com'on. It was either her or the anime chick.)


   The Malecon is a broad esplanade, roadway and seawall which stretches for 8 km along the coast in Havana, Cuba.

Pierre Patte

   Pierre Patte was a French architect, credited for having been the first to illustrate a city street plan with buildings and sewer system shown in a section view.

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Dory's Day Out

   Dory's Day Out is a song by Garage A Trois. In case anybody's wondering, this is not exactly a random article. If you know what I mean.

The Miller and the Sweep

   The Miller and the Sweep is a British short silent comedy film, made in 1897.

Emil Adam

   Emil Franz Adam was a German painter.

The Mougin Turret

   The Mougin turret is a land-based revolving gun turret that housed some of the heaviest armament in French fortifications of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Drunk On Love

   Drunk on Love is a song by Rihanna, originally by The xx.

And the cover (which is the reason why I'm mentioning the song, actually). Great performance.

The Holy Lance

   The Holy Lance is the name given to the lance that pierced Jesus's side as he hung on the cross in John's account of the Crucifixion.

Norman Rockwell

   Norman Percevel Rockwell was a 20th-century American painter and illustrator.

The Dahu

   The Dahu is a legendary creature well known in France, Switzerland and the north of Italy.


   Mysteryfunk is the first EP by Garage A Trois released in 1999.

The Duress Code

A duress code is a covert signal used by an individual that is under duress to indicate their state.

Pierre Jaquet-Droz

Pierre Jaquet-Droz was a Swiss-born watchmaker of the late eighteenth century.

Etienne-Louis Boullee

Etienne-Louis Boullee was a visionary French neoclassical architect whose work greatly influenced contemporary architects and is still influential today.

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The Mission

The Mission is the soundtrack from the film of the same name. The music is composed, orchestrated, conducted and produced by Ennio Morricone.

Horse Pulling

Horse pulling is a competition for draft horses.


Anpan is a Japanese sweet roll most commonly filled with red bean paste.

The Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic

The Tanganyika laughter epidemic of 1962 was an outbreak of mass hysteria.

(Don't try this at home. That dog scares the c@$p out of me.)

Glam Nation Live

Glam Nation Live is the first live album by American recording artist, Adam Lambert.

Arnold Newman

Arnold Abner Newman was an American photographer, noted for his "environmental portraits" of artists and politicians.

Photographer of the Famous People

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Frederick Wills

Frederick Charles Wills was a pioneer of cinematography in Queensland, Australia, recording the first moving images of life in that state between 1899 and 1903. Some of his works are gathered in The Lumiere Collection.

The Federal Republic of Central America

The Federal Republic of Central America united the present-day states of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

Stay the Ride Alive

Stay the Ride Alive is the thirty-seventh single released by Japanese singer Gackt.

Vladimir K. Zworykin

Vladimir Kosma Zworykin was a Russian-American inventor, engineer, and pioneer of television technology.

The Spaak Committee

The Spaak Committee was an Intergovernmental Committee set up by the Foreign Ministers of the six Member States of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) as a result of the Messina Conference of 1955. The beginnings of the European Union.

Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler was a German mathematician, astronomer and astrologer.

Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel is Peter Gabriel's third album.

Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack

The Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing heavy strategic bomber of the Soviet Union.

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Rockwell B-1 Lancer

The Rockwell B-1 Lancer is a four-engine variable-sweep wing strategic bomber of the United States Air Force.

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Tupolev Tu-22M Backfire

The Tupolev Tu-22M is a supersonic, swing-wing, long-range strategic bomber developed by the Soviet Union.

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