The Richat Structure

The Richat Structure is a prominent circular feature in the Sahara desert of west–central Mauritania.

Eu Beu

A fun song to play. I have not figured out the strumming pattern yet. Ideas?

Project Horizon

Project Horizon was a study to determine the feasibility of constructing a base on the Moon.

Nick Lowe

Nick Lowe is an English singer-songwriter, musician and producer.

Convoy SC 121

Convoy SC-121 was the 121st of the numbered series of World War II Slow Convoys of merchant ships from Sydney, Cape Breton Island to Liverpool.

Nana Mizuki

Nana Mizuki is a popular Japanese singer-songwriter.

The History of Television

The history of television records the work of numerous engineers and inventors in several countries over many decades.

The Mighty Nach Live

The Mighty Nach Live is the third audio release from Celtic war band Albannach.

Red Summer of 1919

Red Summer describes the race riots that occurred in more than three dozen cities in the United States during the summer of 1919.

The Battle of the Nile

The Battle of the Nile was a major naval battle fought between British and French fleets at Aboukir Bay.

Uncovered by Heartbeat

Uncovered by Heartbeat is the first album by Cherubs.

Hero and Leander

Hero and Leander is a Byzantine myth relating the story of Hero, a priestess of Aphrodite who dwelt in a tower in Sestos on the European side of the Dardanelles, and Leander, a young man from Abydos on the opposite side of the strait.

The Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer

The Arleigh Burke class of guided missile destroyers is the United States Navy's first class of destroyer built around the Aegis Combat System.

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Por el Resto

A not so easy song to play, but we can't stay beginners forever, can we? Great lesson at the end of the video.