Playing the Guitar: One Month Recap (I)

Q: What is a guitar?
A: A guitar is a torture instrument used by hairy kids to terrorize their neighbors.

Q: What does it look like?
A: It is a wooden box with a hole in it. It usually has a neck and strings.

Q: How does it work?
A: You strike the strings with one hand to make sounds.

Q: That's it?
A: No. You have to use the other hand to modify the sounds. Make them higher and lower.

Q: What do you need to play the guitar?
A: To play the guitar you need the following:

1. Two good hands. If you have two left hands - like I do - you might be in trouble.
2. A guitar, obviously.
3. An electronic guitar tuner. Or pitch fork. Or tuning pipe. Whatever. But trust me, the electronic tuner is the best.
4. A guitar pick.
5. Access to the Internet. To listen to music. To find books (for dummies... err... beginners, at first). To find music tabs and sheets.
6. An YouTube account. To show the world what you can do. I mean... why limit yourself just to your neighbors, when you can terrorize the entire world?

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