Mikhail Speransky

   Mikhail Speransky was one of the most powerful statesman during the reign of Alexander I of Russia.

   Remarkable for:   He was a reformist and idealist. Despite his immense power, he did not use it for personal gain. He is also credited with creating the first unified Code of Law of the Russian Empire.

Source: Wikipedia

The Nuragic Civilization

   The Nuragic Civilization was a civilization of Sardinia.

   Remarkable for:   They left behind large stone constructions. They are also believed to have some connection with the little known Sea People who invaded Egypt.

Nuragic Civilization
Source: Wikipedia

Namie Amuro

   Namie Amuro is a Japanese pop singer, fashion icon and actress, known as the "Teen Queen" and the  "Queen of Japanese Pop Music".

   Remarkable for:   She is "blamed" for some of what the Japanese teen call "fashion".


   Dreamcake is the first album from band Jale, from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

   Remarkable for:   The video is kinda trippy.

Ayumi Hamasaki

   Ayumi Hamasaki is one of the best selling singers in Japan, with over 50 million records sold.

   Remarkable for:   She's one of the most influential personalities of the Asian music and fashion arena.

Blue Velvet Soundtrack

   Blue Velvet is a dark movie by director David Lynch and this is the soundtrack.

   Remarkable for:   The eerie, haunting experience it creates, contributing greatly to the experience.