In the Still of the Night

Another song to be played in the "oldies progression". C-Am-F-G. Or G7, if you're feeling adventurous.

Franco-Prussian War of 1870

It was the war between the German States and the Second French Empire. The German victory led to the unification and the proclamation of the German Empire, also known as the Second Reich.

Tears on my Pillow

Another song to be played in the "oldies progression" (even tough nobody does, strangely enough). C-Am-F-G.

Siegfried Behrend: Die Gitarre

Siegfried Behrend was a successful german classical guitar player and composer. Here is the story of the guitar, in his presentation.

Warning: Do not try this at home.

House of the Rising Sun

Not another song in the "oldies progression". Quite easy to play, except for the F Chord. I hate the F Chord.

And here is how to play. It helps if you find the tabs, too.

Graig Kreindler

He is an american painter best known for his vintage baseball works.

Earth Angel

Another song to be played in the "oldies progression". G-Em-C-D.

This guy's voice sounds like a cat in a barrel but... his guitar video is pretty good.

Henry Birks & Sons

This case from 1955 marked the first of a gradual shift in Canadian law away from non-secular laws.

Ferdinando Carulli

Carulli was an Italian composer, author of the first complete classical guitar method.

Come Go With Me

Another song to be played in the "oldies progression". G-Em-C-D. And repeat. Or C-Am-F-G. Two strums per chord.

The Metal Opera

Is a hard rock opera by Avantasia.

The orchestral arrangement is pretty straight forward and rather unsophisticated, but it has it's moments. The vocalist is quite remarkable. My favorite part is track six of the first album, "Farewell".

Little Brown Jug

Another easy song to play, they say. It is a lie! It is not simple. At all.

And this is how to play it on the guitar.

Battle of Punta Gruesa

Part of the Pacific War of 1879 to 1883.

Duke of Earl

A beginner's song - or so they say - in the "oldies progression". You can sing it any way you can, but these guys do a great job.

G-Em-C-D. And repeat.

   And the guitar cover.


It is not important what you learn. It is important only what you learn how to do. Like learning to play that guitar you've had laying around, for example.