Playing the Guitar: Three Months Recap (XII)

Q: So. What do I do, next?
A: Whatever you want, basically.

Q: Ha, ha, very funny!
A: I thought so. Well, OK. I'd say you should keep doing what you're doing: rehearse the strumming patterns (using the oldies progression chords, both G-Em-C-D AND C-Am-F-G), rehearse the oldies songs that you know, and keep practicing the open chords you already know, including the 7 Chords. And check out new songs and maybe try them on.

Q: Do you have any favorite ones?
A: Sure. Love is in the air, Just a gigolo, Jingle Bells, Cuando calienta il sol. And from the oldies, my favorites are Poor little fool, by Ricky Nelson, and Stay, by Maurice and The Zodiacs.

Q: Nice. What about you? What are you gonna do?
A: Me? I'm gonna start working on those pesky barre chords. Even if I know they're a bit more than I can handle, right now, I'll work on them, anyway.

Q: And?
A: And... I'm gonna start more technical stuff.

Q: Like what?
A: Like moving from chords to individual notes.

Q: Right. I almost forgot about those.
A: Me too. Me too.

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