Playing the Guitar: One Month Recap (III)

Part I

Q: Right. So I've got my guitar, it has all the strings, it is not broken or cracked or anything... now what?
A: Now you start playing.

Q: Finally! What do I do?
A: First, you need a good beginner's book. "Guitar for dummies" by Mark Philips and Jon Chappell is the one I have, but I'm sure there are many others. The first thing you will learn is how to sit.

Q: Ha! Ha! Really?
A: Yup. There is a right way...

... and a wrong way to do it.

The guitar should be very steady and your hands should have no part in supporting it. They should be free to move around and do their job. Any good approximation will be fine, of course, as long you don't overdo it.

You can save that for later.

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