Playing the Guitar: One Month Recap (VII)

Q: But... but... if I do that my fingers hurt like crazy!
A: Well... yeah. They're gonna hurt for a while. But only until your fingertips get stronger. Practice 20-30 minutes a day (or more) and they'll stop hurting in no time.

Q: And... and... they sound so bad!
A: Well... yeah. That too.The strings will buzz and make all kinds of strange noises at first. You just have to hang in there and try different ways to do it and after a while they'll get much better.

Q: Promise?
A: No.

Q: And... and you said to strike the strings. But how do I do that?
A: You hold the pick very loose in your hand, and let only a tiny part come out. You might drop it a few times, but that's OK. Then you strike the strings with it, from up towards down, in a big round motion.

Q: And?
A: And... that's it!

Q: And where do I strike the strings?
A: Well... you'll figure it out.

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