Playing the Guitar: One Month Recap (VI)

Q: So, what about those chords?
A: Chords are basically a bunch of notes played on all strings at once.

Q: On all strings? At once?
A: Yes. On all strings. At the same time.

Q: How?
A: You just press your fingers on the strings in a specified way and you strike the strings.

Q: And that's it? If I do that... I'm playing the guitar?
A: Pretty much, yeah.

Q: Show me, show me!
A: The first chords you will learn are the open chords. They are the easiest to play.

Just press your fingers on the neck of the guitar as shown in the pictures and strike the strings. Do not strike the strings marked with an X.

Q: But... you said you strike all the strings at once.
A: Well... there are some exceptions.

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