Edict of Expulsion

   In 1290, King Edward I issued an edict of expulsion for all Jews from England.


50bani said...

Hitler did the same, only that he skipped the edict.

jay-jay said...

Hitler is best known for what he did, but apparently the Jew Problem has a very, very long history.

Thanks for the comment.

Dolphy said...

Which means stupid people always need a scapegoat.
(Something they got it from jews. The scapegoat.)

J.J. said...

@Dolphy: I don't know enough about the subject to carry an intelligent conversation, but in this case it does sound more like greed than anything else, on all sides.

And yes, utter stupidity from the church people, who tried to stand against the laws of nature. Never a good idea.

Thanks for the comment.